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FAQ: Working With Web Pages
Why would I want to use a Page Refer?
There could be any number of reasons why you would want to use a Page Refer. The choice to use one or not is up to you. The following is one example of why you would want to use a Page Refer.

I am using a Page Refer on right now. The reason I am using a Page Refer is to allow me to develop the site with as little fuss as possible. I first setup my Menu Items to get a feel for the structure of the site. The only problem was I didn't have any content for these web pages and I couldn't leave them blank. What they needed was a "Under Construction" type of warning to let visitors know that it was being worked on. I could have taken the time to place a "Under Construction" sign on all of the pages, but that would be way to cumbersome. I decided to use a Page Refer instead.

The first thing I did was create my "Under Construction" web page. I then made the Menu Item for my "Under Construction" page hidden so visitors could not see it. I went back to my "Current Web Pages" and made note of my "Under Construction" web page's Page Refer. For all my menu items that were being worked on, I just edited the page and used the Page Refer of my "Under Construction" page. Now when a visitor visits part of the site I haven't finished, they get my "Under Construction" page. In short, I saved a bunch of time by creating the page, hiding it, then referencing it from multiple other web pages. It was a real time saver.

There are many other uses for Page Refer but I will leave that up to your imagination.

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