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FAQ: User Management
How do I assign access to a user?
If you are adding a user, you are already there. If not, you need to login, then select "Users List" from under the "Site Administration" section and select the user you want to modify. Granting access is done in 3 ways. You can simply grant the user full access, you can manually grant the user access to certain sections, or you can grant the user full access, then manually remove sections they should not have access to.

The thing to keep in mind is that if you grant a user full access to a section, but then manually check an option in that section below, it disables their access to that particular option. If you don't grant full access, then manually select an option, they are granted access.

If you are afraid to accidentally grant a user access to a part of the site they shouldn't have access to, test the account. When you add the account you can simply login as them after you create it. Only items the user is allowed to modify are listed when they login. If they don't have access to "Current Web Pages", for example, when they login they won't even see that section.

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