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FAQ: Using Images
What options do I have when I use images?
You have several options when using images. The features are highlighted below.

  • Standard Image Placement: Standard Image Placement is the way in which your images are placed on your page by default. When you upload an image, it is placed on your web page, Calendar Event, etc, at the bottom. This give you the ability to use images without having to fuss with placing them on your page.

  • Embed Images: Embedding images is simply the process of placing your images on your web page where you want them. You can place your images anywhere.

  • Web Links: You can turn an image into a web link.

  • Image Descriptions: You can give your image a description. When you do this, the image becomes a link to another web page, containing the image, plus your description.

  • Thumbnail Images: You can upload both a full size image along with a thumbnail image. When someone clicks on your thumbnail image, they are taken to a page with the full size image. You may even give the image a description. This is a very nice feature.

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