Welcome to our DataPitStop help site. The intent of this site is to give you a single source of information to allow you to create your web site. This site not only includes detailed walkthroughs, with screen shots, of your DataPitStop administration panel, but it also contains tutorials, quick reference guides, and howtos for HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The menus to the left are color coded to correspond to the type of help they provide. Also note that this site is still being updated with new information.

  Web Site Administration  

These section deals with all web site administration. The topics range from how to add a new web page to changing the background color of your web site. If you need any information regarding your web site, these are the sections you will want to review.

  Web Development  

These sections contain documentation about web development. There are quick reference guides, tutorials, and general information regarding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are the main sections that are still under development. As time passes there will be more information provided.

  Additional Help  

These sections contain additional resources. The FAQs section gives answers to frequently asked questions, the Links sections gives many external links on various topics such as HTML, and finally the Suggestions section gives you information on how to contact us if you need further assistance, or want something added to this site.